We support or create initiatives to set up a Dutch supply chain for face masks to protect against COVID-19 virus.

What we do

We concentrate on face masks. Please do not contact us for other topics like respiratory devices, as there are many other initiatives in that field already.

How we do that

We link persons, organizations, initiatives so we can learn fast from each other. Cooperation is in the DNA of the Dutch HighTech ecosystem already
We store information (or provide links to it) that is frequently asked for.
Our initiative consists of 5 tracks. This enables us to allocate experts to particular subjects.


We are not a company, and do not aim to become one. We are a community of mainly technical people working in the Dutch HighTech ecosystem.
We work on a voluntary basis. We feel it as an obligation to make our knowledge available to those who need it.


At the peak of the Covid-19 crisis in the first weeks of April 2020 the total need of protective masks in healthcare (including hospitals, primary care, elderly homes) was 700.000 per day.

The supply of masks was insufficient in those days, and as long as that is the case, this initiative will continue.


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