Different, parallel approaches to get masks ready

Track 1 – increase supply

Track 1 is about acceleration of existing supply chains to get (disposable) ffp1, ffp2, ffp3 masks delivered to the Netherlands in larger demands and higher speed.

Although this is mainly about purchasing and logistics, and not about technical activities, our initiative offers the possibility to share experience.

TRACK 2 – dutch supply chain

In the Netherlands, it was announced at April 9, 2020 that production facilities are being realized at Apfro and Auping to produce ffp2 protective masks.

Our initiative will not have an active role in this. Our role in track 2 is limited to forwarding potentially relevant information and publish news from these organizations.

TRACK 3 - alternative designs

Track 3 is about setting up a Dutch supply chain for at first instance disposable masks based on injection moulded masks made out of flexible plastic. These masks will have a separately mounted filter element.

An initial supply and manufacturing process has been created in form of a sequence with numbered steps. One finds that at the track 3 page. If you can contribute to one of these steps, please mention the step number, so we can link you to the to be appointed track- or step leaders.

  • Recycle as bulk is the aim

TRACK 4 – disposable filter

Track 4 is an extension to track 3. Thee mentioned sequence is extended with collecting used masks, and clean them with dedicated equipment and or facilities.

Track 4 can also be used to absorb disposable masks from track 1 or track 2, so these can be cleaned 2x or 3x as long as new supply from track 1, 2 or 3 is insufficient.

  • Replaceable filter

  • Holder cleanable

TRACK 5 – 3D printing for personal use

Track 5 is the creation of masks via 3D printing. This technology will not bring the required number of masks for hospitals and home care, but potentially this is a route to come to solutions for home care, personal protection at home or masks for use by companies as protection tool for their employers.

This type of masks could be equipped with filters as developed in track 3.

  • Designs available on internet

TRACK6 – general public

Although in the Netherlands there are no plans yet that the general public should wear masks in the public domain, several experts confirm that wearing masks will contribute to spreading the virus.

Separate other initiatives are preparing for future deliveries of masks for this purpose.
We want to highlight following initiative for delivery of non-medical masks
as they provide instructions to the general public how to wear a mask, and are already able to deliver masks (stock available) for a fair price, from a Dutch manufacturing facility.