Track 5 – 3D printing

For personal use 

Current approach is to browse the web and collect links to the various 3D-printed initiatives.

We capture this information in our Track 5 Portal below.

In the end the aim is to adopt a good design or create one ourselves, and start promoting that in a way like Instructables does. We then mobilize as much as possible 3D-printer capacity.

We welcome help with the following:

  • Finding good filter material and to compare with the specs of ffp1 ffp2 masks
  • Cleaning methods for the mask. UV or chemicals, boiling in water, or alcohol. Literature search welcome

3D-print mask model

3-piece model for 3D printing at home from CNR, Vitantonio Vacca in Bitonto.

Twikit mask initiative

Initiative to create 3D-printed and DIY face masks. 

3D-print Face shield mask

Model for 3D printing a face shield to be worn in front of a face mask by Blackbelt 3D. 

SnorkEling BREATHING mask

Designers from ISINNOVA converted a Decathlon snorkeling mask with 3D printed components to a breathing mask.


US doctors designed a resuable 3D-printed mask that uses only a fraction of the mask fabric a normal mask would need.


The RICAIPCentre of Excellence created a mask with a P3 replaceable external filter, certified to the EN 140:1999 norm.